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About Us

SUPERDATA is a Western Australian owned company established in 1979. Since its inception SUPERDATA has been providing a wide range of Information Technology services to a broad client base in Western Australia, the Eastern States and the UK..

Complete IT Support

These IT services include supply and support for hardware, peripherals, networks, operating systems, the Internet and applications and purpose written software. In addition we provide specialist consulting services for the design and integration of IT systems within the corporate framework to ensure that client requirements are defined, and met in a planned and cost effective manner.

Our experience over the last 30 years has shown that the majority of organisations, whilst committed to continuing IT implementation, have no formal Business Plan in place to support corporate IT goals. We can help you establish your IT targets.

Your IT Department

SUPERDATA can be your IT Department !   We work closely with clients to gain a full understanding of their corporate structure, culture and working environment in order to provide the best solution in terms of cost and performance.

Free Consultation

Before you undertake any further expenditure on your IT systems you should talk to SUPERDATA. We provide the initial consultation and site review at no cost and without any further obligation.